Clear Mind, Clean Space.

During this 5 week online course using EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) to identify and soothe the feelings that come up when we are faced with all our tangible stuff!

What we will cover:

1) Introduction to EFT Tapping

2) Clearing Resistance

3) Developing intuition for what’s really needed and wanted

4) Removing emotional memory charges from objects

5) Clearing anxiety or whatever feelings that arise in the quiet of a clean house

6) Freedom & Success – now that you have everything you want it to be.

Benefits After this Course

“Paper Sorting”

I’ve always struggled with organizing papers. I had a box of letters that I was holding onto and I used EFT to help me change my perception of those letters. I would feel a lot of painful emotion when faced with them and after using EFT I experienced 2 major changes:

Now, when I read the letters I feel an abundance of love.

I no longer struggle with what to keep and what to get rid of when it comes to papers.

Staying organized in that area of my life has become easy! I was able to work through my emotions surrounding the physical objects at hand as a way of feeling better in my own space.

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