Moving beyond end of the year “perfection”

The end of the year is motivating. We know in January there is a sense of renewal as the new year starts, so we create all kinds of professional and personal goals. We are doing everything we normally do, and lots more. Prioritizing is number one on the list of things to do. With so much going on, no wonder they say, “winter is a time of slowing down.” We blame the cold weather, but what if we are just exhausted by everything we did getting ready for the new year. By following a few of these steps, and giving less attention to what is exhausting and more attention to what is fulfilling, you may have a much better new year.




Feel better about the environment by changing up these 6 necessities.

1) Paper towels - up-cycle old towels

2) Napkins - cloth napkins

3) Plastic Wrap - beeswax wraps

4) Tin Foil - it’s just not necessary for most recipes, choose those meals!

5) Sponge - silicone sponge

6) Batteries - rechargeable batteries!!!


Every time I open my cabinet that has supplies like tin foil, plastic wrap, plastic bags I am filled with a pride that I haven’t touched them since 2013.  I didn’t even purchase them.  They originally belonged to ...