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Options: Yoga for Kid's or Adults

Vision Board Creation

Guided Meditation

Make your own Aromatherapy Blends

EFT Tapping Meditation

Massage Class

Honey Facial Class (tweens to adults)

(Space Rental Available for gathering over food, wine or team building,)

Yoga parties are a great way to celebrate your kids birthday or bring your friends, family or coworkers together.  The best way to schedule is to call so we can discuss and plan the perfect party.


Here is a sample kids yoga party.


Yoga Parties for Kids

Yoga can be a sanctuary for kids to have a place to develop self-confidence as well as focus while having fun! Classes integrate traditional yoga poses, storytelling, play with relaxation, and kids meditation. Group discussions and valuable peer activities create a positive atmosphere that supports confidence & growing healthy bodies in a non-competitive environment. Relaxation and breathing exercises are used to promote overall balance and concentration, which can be applied to academic, athletic, and social situations. Yoga fosters a sense of inner harmony and offers kids a place to grow in supportive community.


In addition to the yoga class we may do storytelling, painting or craft projects, like make your own aromatherapy roller.   For Tweens, Teens or adults we have an awesome honey facial class.


Here is an example of a private workshop an office had there company team building event at Soul Center.  They rented a room for a couple hours for a meeting and then we offered this class.


Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)/Conscious Connected Breathing. In this session the group will first explore issues to overcome during the first 30-60 minute period using EFT. Emotional Freedom Technique, is a tapping technique on specific meridian or acupressure points. It is a powerful tool for stress relief, quitting smoking, losing weight, changing negative beliefs and creating emotional healing. Especially helpful for anxiety, reducing stress, and creating emotional wellbeing and balance. This is followed by a Conscious Connected Breath session for another 45 minutes. Breathing is full and relaxed, you will learn how to consciously connect your breath, and find your own rhythm. Integrate your past experiences into your life to gain acceptance, peace and harmony.


EFT is done sitting up and the breathing portion is done lying down.


Benefits of Conscious, Connected Breathing and EFT include:

70% increased intake of oxygen

Gaining new perspective on life

Learn to relax more deeply

Increase confidence

Eliminate toxins and stress through your breath

Replace worries and fears with oxygen, love and joy


Become who you want to be, the possibilities feel endless as you move stagnant energy stuck in your body. Pain and disease melt away when this becomes a frequent addition to your life-style.



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