Vision Board Weekend Retreat


Enjoy a weekend full of self-care and diving deep into your intentions and making vision boards!

We will travel and teach at your office, group event, or retreat center.

Life can be so busy there isn’t time to think of the future. So we are creating the space for you to dream & vision.  Yoga and meditation helps us get present with our goals. EFT tapping, breathwork and written exercises helps us to clear blocks or move past-the-past and magnify manifestation energies.  Both Sat and Sun we will be working on our vision boards.  Vision boards are a physical manifestation to daily remind us our goals and intentions.   We will end the retreat sharing our vision, discussing actions we can take to get there and offering support for each others goals.  Celebrating our success we will  dance action into our dreams.



Email us your interest in the class for your group.  Pricing will depend on the number of people and the supplies we bring.


This event will give you the time and space you need think about where you are going and where you would like to be.


Optional: Lunch and Material Included.


Sample Schedule:




Yoga 8 AM - 9:15 AM

Discussion 9:15 AM - 10 AM

Breathwork 10 - 12:00 AM

 - In a meditative state you can get access to subconscious views that once aware of can super charge your motivation and focus.

12-12:30 Lunch

12:30 - 2:30 EFT Tapping

During this time we will use EFT Tapping Meditation to align with our intentions and goal and get as clear as possible.  Discussion and sharing and tapping encourages peace of mind and deeper thoughts about our vision.

2:30 - 3 Rest

3-5:30 Discussion on Vision Boards, Beginning Creation ($150 includes Sat 3-5:30, and Sun 12:30 - 5:30)

Backgrounds, Gathering

 - Learn strategies to creating a vision board that works for you.

 - Learn how words and images around us impact our subconscious mind and how to create a board with a stronger impact.  We also learn to be more intentional with the images and sounds around us.

 - Reflection and Written Exercises to tune into  whats alive in the heart for how you want to express yourself within all aspects of life, career, relationship, family, finances and spirituality.

5:30 Potluck

Bon Fire and Hang out for people who want to stay and continue to play.




Yoga - 8 AM - 9:15 AM

Discussion 9:15 AM - 10 AM

10 AM - 12 noon - EFT Tapping

12-12:30 Lunch

12:30 - 3 PM Vision Board Art Time

3-3:45 Breathing or Guided Meditation into Visions

Meditation on our vision - To be the change you want to see in the world you’ve got to be able to visualize that change.  In a group it is often easier to hold the vision.  It also makes it easier to hold the vision on our own.

3:45 - Vision Board Art Session and Share

 - Boards done in a group setting are stronger than doing one on your own. We will end the retreat sharing our vision, discussing actions we can take to get there and offering support for each others goals.

4:30 - Dancing the Vision - Lets celebrate the success of creating our vision board!

5 - 5:30 - Closing Meditation and Circle


You have the option to sign up for what you can do, or the full weekend: including yoga and meditations designed to kick off the process of embodying the abundance you want to create in your life. Please inquire about individual sessions if you can’t make the whole weekend.  Also please let us know if your coming in from out of town and need a place to stay.


This is sure to be a fun time! Please RSVP so we have enough supplies.


Additional Details


Vision Board Supplies & Lunch Provided –  (no excuses!  We provide an abundance of artistic supplies that you can choose from.  A canvas, paint, colored pencils, glue and lots of magazines that you can get inspiration from and images and words.


What to bring?

An open mind and excitement

Bring something for the Potluck on Sat Eve.

If you have additional supplies, magazine, pictures of yourself and  personalized images you want to include in your board.  While magazines are on hand you may want to bring with you pictures representing what you desire in your life. Additional art supplies that you want to use.  Bring them along.

If you’ve already started or completed a vision board bring it a along to share with the group.

Name of music tracks that inspire you.

Clothing for a relaxed, casual weekend.


How to get started?

Send us an email inquiry to set up your Vision Board Weekend. Include any details for scheduling or class format that you would like to fit your group needs.


(Group Sizes min 6 people / max 20 people)


We are looking forward to hearing from you and being a support to cultivate even more of a sense of community, health culture and positive mentality in your group.


Jen (215) 317-2412

Call or text with any questions.